‘Mirthe strung laces for years without a diploma’, ‘Flat demolished using ready-to-eat avocado’ or ‘People evicted from Oostvaardersplassen’, these are catchphrases that invariably score like mad. Over the past fifteen years, De Speld has built up considerable experience with humorous writing, reaching millions of Dutch people every week. But how do they do it, and how can you do it?
Many people are funny, but not everyone has a sense of humor. And certainly few people know how to write funny. Chances are you’ll miss the mark, or stay too well behaved. And how can you use this kind of humor in your writing? In this workshop, we’ll explain it to you and you’ll deliver a humorous text right away.

In the workshop Humorous Writing with De Speld, hosted by writers and performers from De Speld, you will learn how to write humorously. You will be given practical tips and tools that you can apply right away. And, not unimportantly, the workshop is packed with examples of De Speld’s best humor. The workshop is led by the founders and experienced editors of De Speld and De Pin.

What you will learn:
The basics of humorous writing
How to write a good satirical piece and what forms to use for it
How to create a funny headline
How to gather ideas and make jokes about anything in current events

Who the workshop is for:
The workshop is suitable for groups of colleagues or client events where put themselves on the map creatively and funny. Think for example of copywriters, social content creatives and (web) editors who already use humor, or want to start doing so.

How to book?
The workshop is customized for 5 to 20 participants. The location can be customized.

1,5-3 hr (depending on client wishes)

“The humorous workshop encourages you to (write) entertaining yourself, highly recommended!” – Caspar Brack, HollandBIO, February 2023
“You would expect a workshop by De Speld to be a lot of fun, but it was even more fun.” – Geert Oosterwijk, Boomerang Agency, January 2023